the helping hands project

The Helping Hands Project is the newest TKB initiative. As the name Tiny Kitchen Bakeshop implies, my kitchen is pretty tiny and this gal can only bake so many cookies, so I wanted to figure out a way to extend my helping hand to all the non-profit organizations that are out there putting some good back into our community, even if I can’t bake cookies for all of them. TKB started out as just a tiny little idea, but it has been able to grow into something greater thanks to the unconditional support, encouragement and enthusiasm from so many people from all different corners of our community—including people I had never even met! TKB is truly a project built on the kindness of strangers and so I wanted to focus my first efforts on those organizations who may just be getting started or in the early stages of growth as a way to pay forward the help that was (and continues to be) offered to me. This project offers an organizational framework and set of working tools that can be adapted over time to meet the needs of those organizations who may not have a full-time staff member to dedicate to these tasks or have the budget to contract out these services. Read on below for more details. If you are an organization interested in learning more, please reach out or share with those who you think might benefit from this project!

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