September 2022: Project Outrun

If you have been with me since the beginning, you’ll remember that it was a conversation with Yvonka Hall, the executive director of Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition, that helped me bring TKB from an idea to a real project that is coming up on its 2nd birthday. (Yay!) So many organizations start with aContinue reading “September 2022: Project Outrun”

June/July 2022: Seeds of Literacy

The Tiny Kitchen Bakeshop featured organization for June and July is Seeds of Literacy. Now, you may be saying, “Didn’t you just feature a literacy organization a couple months ago?” And the answer to that is yes—but even if TKB featured organizations that tackle issues around literacy for every campaign this year, it wouldn’t beContinue reading “June/July 2022: Seeds of Literacy”

March/April 2022: FrontLine Service

The Tiny Kitchen Bakeshop featured organization for the March/April campaign is FrontLine Service, an organization which takes a proactive approach to the mental health needs of our community. While organizations like FrontLine Service are deserving of support each and every month, it felt especially meaningful on a personal level to launch this campaign now becauseContinue reading “March/April 2022: FrontLine Service”

January/February 2022: The Literacy Cooperative

Happy New Year, TKB friends and family. I will never turn down the opportunity for a fresh start, and so the beginning of a new year feels both promising and exciting. 2021 was a fun, busy and successful year, and I am looking forward to continued growth of the TKB mission and initiatives in theContinue reading “January/February 2022: The Literacy Cooperative”

2021 Holiday Campaign with Artists’ Open Studio

Happy December! This month, TKB is taking it back to where it all started with Artists’ Open Studio (AOS), which was the first featured organization when TKB launched back in October 2020. AOS has been supporting artists with disabilities for many years, founded by Christie Lane teacher Lynda Stoneham in 2004, and opened a studioContinue reading “2021 Holiday Campaign with Artists’ Open Studio”

Fall 2021: Community West Foundation

One year ago, tiny kitchen bakeshop launched its first campaign and–wow–what a ride it has been since then. In the last year, you have ordered almost 3,400 cookies (no judgement) and raised over $3,200 for several awesome organizations. A sincere thank you to everyone who has placed orders and made donations over the last year.Continue reading “Fall 2021: Community West Foundation”

June/July 2021: Ohio City Farm

It was a couple years ago that I was standing at a gathering of friends, conversing with one of them about why so many people living in poverty battle chronic illnesses and obesity. “I just don’t get it,” he said. “It’s not like broccoli is that expensive.” For many people like him and me whoContinue reading “June/July 2021: Ohio City Farm”

May 2021: The Urban Barber Association (TUBA)

For those of you who are familiar with tiny kitchen bakeshop and its beginnings, this may be old news, but as there are some new faces at the table, I thought revisiting the TKB story was worthwhile and appropriate as I introduce the next featured organization. While TKB officially opened for business in October 2020,Continue reading “May 2021: The Urban Barber Association (TUBA)”

Winter/Spring 2021: Neighbor Up

We may look back at 2020 with heavy hearts—a year of unrest, illness, isolation, and loss. We were forced to disengage from what we previously knew as our everyday lives, we were separated from family and friends, we learned to fear the embrace of strangers, and to distrust our leaders. Inequality, ignorance, violence, and hateContinue reading “Winter/Spring 2021: Neighbor Up”

Fall/Winter 2020: Artists’ Open Studio

About an hour’s drive west of Cleveland will take you to my hometown, Norwalk, Ohio—its streets relatively unchanged since I lived there, providing a warming familiarity each time I visit. However, there is a new storefront along its Main Street with large windows covered with hand-painted flowers. Inside, the space opens with high ceilings—the walls,Continue reading “Fall/Winter 2020: Artists’ Open Studio”