about the tiny kitchen bakeshop project

baked for you. good for all.

The mission of tiny kitchen bakeshop is to increase community awareness of various charitable organizations and their causes through the production and sale of small-batch, homemade bakery items.

I can remember being a young girl and watching my grandmother make a pie—her weathered hands gently working the dough, rolling it out, and then placing it into a pie dish, which would later be filled with some variety of fruit before being capped with a delicately woven top and brushed with egg wash. She would always take the remaining scraps and cut them into strips before dusting them with cinnamon-sugar. These scraps baked quickly and were given to us grandchildren as a reward for nothing in particular. While her pies were truly mouthwatering, and popular at the church bake sales and family reunions, it was these tiny scraps of leftover pie dough that I cherished most, both for their simplicity and their significance as an act of love from one person to another. Perhaps it was in these moments, and the many that followed as I learned to bake from my grandmother and mother, that I slowly started to discover the magic of baking.

The world feels ugly these days, you know. It was one afternoon in late May when I had my face in my phone, relentlessly scrolling through news story after news story of the world’s ugliness, that I stumbled upon the “Bakers Against Racism” project. What started as an idea of a couple of bakers evolved into a nationwide (and later worldwide) project that joined millions of home and professional bakers together to raise money for various causes that supported equality in their individual communities. Until that moment, I did not know what I could do, if anything, to try to make the world a better place. The ugliness felt too great for my hands to make an impact on. However, the Bakers Against Racism project was a warm reminder of the power in my hands—the power to create something by those hands, to share my talents, and to give an act of love to my friends, family, and strangers alike. So, I started baking. I hosted bake sales in June, July, and August, baking over 900 cookies and raising over $1600 for three remarkable charities and bringing awareness to their tremendous causes. It is from these bake sales that my idea for tiny kitchen bakeshop emerged. While I know that baked goods can’t solve the world’s problems, I wanted to make a sustainable way for me to continue to do small acts of love for my community, and to give others the opportunity to learn, grow, and give of themselves as well.

So, how does it work? Every 1-2 months, a different organization will be featured, and the profits of all sales made during that time will be donated to the selected organization. The menu will showcase simple items baked with great love and an even greater hope for a better future together and are available for order and local delivery here in Ohio. This project, like many projects, will likely evolve in the months to come, but with your help, I’m hopeful to make it a successful one. If you are interested in learning more, or to place an order, please email me at the address listed on the contact page.

tiny kitchen bakeshop is a “Cottage Food Production Operation” as defined in Chapter 3715 of the Ohio Revised Code. These products are home produced.

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